The Dreamed Caribbean Paradise

With its 25 thousand rooms distributed between 50 hotels, its 30 kilometers of white sand beaches lined with coconut palms, golf courses, commercial malls, restaurants, nightclubs and much more, Punta Cana is a tourist paradise. Its many offers have satisfaction for everyone, in such a large and diverse space, that diversity flows creating opportunities, at the same time avoiding collision between different tastes.

In this wonderful area you can find everything ranging from an all-inclusive club for US$100 per day, to a greatly luxurious and exclusive traditional 50-room hotel for US$700 per day. Going through all-inclusive luxury hotels and tourist residential villas, this qualifies Punta Cana, without a doubt, to be advertised as paradise itself.

You can choose between cheerful atmospheres for teenagers and partying adults, gastronomical Eden for adventure lovers and culinary diversity, offers so that parents and children alike can live an unforgettable family vacation, or enjoy super-exclusive unimaginable havens with their own gastronomy and excellent sparkling wine, perfect for romantic moments and people with the most refined taste.

Water sports, fishing yachts, deep sea diving, dolphins, children’s clubs, musical shows, craft shops, Caribbean paintings, native and imported jewelry, commercial malls with local flavor or exclusive centers with world-class brand stores, astonishing spa centers, golf, cigars, great food, amazing drinks, nightclubs that entertain until dawn, adventures… or simply contemplative moments by reading a good book, relaxing with the sea and sun as witnesses, enjoy the landscape and expect the sun to retire with magical sunsets…

That is life here! Where 95% of those who live this experience go back delighted with the quality of the services and the very good or excellent quality/price relation, and where 90% are forever satisfied with their expectations to please body and soul with the best vacation and then express their desire to return.

It would be bold to say that Punta Cana is the perfect place, but we can agree that, those who choose us for their vacation will enjoy one what best destinations that represent the picture of paradise in the Caribbean.

Our Members

Our members

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